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Where you will find.....
many of your "Zoo" Theme needs!

Animal Crackers
Using water color brushes set aside for food prep only, paint animal crackers with edible paint made from corn syrup and a few drops food coloring. The kids will love these yummie cookies!

Lion Faces
Use a large paper plate and provide lots of brown, yellow, and orange yarn (cut into 2 inch strips). The children can color the lions face, and then glue the yarn all around the edge to make a furry face!

Zebra Stripes
Precut zebra shapes on white construction paper and then, using black paint, have the children marble paint the zebra.Use the larger marbles for better effects.

Animal Cage
Use a graham crackers and spread peanut butter over it. Add a animal cracker and some black licorice for a zoo cage.

Elephant Heads
You need a small paper plate. Have children color their plate gray. Using gray construction paper cut out the ears and trunk. Glue on the ears and nose. Have child fold accordion style (fan) the nose so that it's looks wrinkled. Then the children can draw on the elephants eyes.

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