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Where you will find.....
many of your "Spring/Planting" Theme needs!



Seed Collage
Present a divided container in the center with several varieties of seeds....Example: Pea seeds, Pinto beans...Black beans.... Popcorn....Watermelon seeds. The children use their glue bottles and glue the seeds in the rows on the cardboard in any design they wish.

Butterfly Filters
Take a coffee filter, color with washable markers, spray lightly, all the colors will run together. Now pinch the filter in the middle until it resembles butterfly wings. Place this in a clothespin. Add pipe cleaner antennae and two marker eyes. You may add a magnet strip on the back, and voila! A clothespin butterfly to hang on the fridge.

Spring Garden
This will cover two days of activity projects. Also can be for any age group. First get a big piece of paper, like blank newspaper or big sheets of white construction paper. Have the children paint it all green this will be the grass for our spring garden. The next day after it has dried completely. Let the children glue on green construction paper leaves and green pipe cleaners for the stems of their flowers. For the flowers use small or large muffin paper cups. This will give a 3-D effect and allow the classroom garden to come alive. You can add bugs, insects and animals to your garden if your class really gets into it.

Popcorn Tree
This is a great spring (or wishing for spring) activity. Give each child a tree made out of stiff paper. Pop a batch of plain popcorn and place it in a bag or bucket with red or pink powder paint. Shake it until all off the popcorn is pink then have the children decorate their trees and turn them into beautiful blossom trees! Make sure that you do this activity with older children (4 and 5's).

Tiny Seed
Read "The Tiny Seed" to the class, discussing what they think will happen if we plant a seed. Have available several sandwich size zip-lock bags. Fold paper towels so they fit inside and wet them. Place several sunflower seeds in each bag. zip up the bags and use a stick pin to post on the wall in the Science area. After several days the seeds will start growing and the children will be able to observe the growth of the root and also the stems. After they have grown a bit the can be planted in soil. Chart the progress and send home the plants to be transplanted .My class always loves to watch the growth of each seed.

Grass Head
Let the children decorate a face onto a Styrofoam cup (except hair). Fill a knee hi with potting soil and then with grass seeds on top of the soil. Tie a know in the knee hi and turn upside down...with the knot in the cup. Water and watch the "grass hair" grow. Once at a desired length, let the children give their happy face its first haircut.

Let There Be Flowers
Let the class learn about Spring and how flowers grow. Add potting soil and flower seeds to the sand and water table. I watered the seeds. After a couple of days the class was when we took the lid off and the seeds had sprouted. The children play in the dirt with any items you want to add and the seeds will still sprout.

Flower Barrel
Make a miniature garden cart using the scoop from laundry soap. Make a pattern for 2-inch wheels and let the kids trace and cut it out. Add lines for wheel spokes. Glue the wheels to both sides of the cup (open end facing up). The handle is the wheel barrel handle! Next, put dirt in the wheel barrel. Plant any flower you like (geraniums do well). Recycling is fun!

Magic Beans
At the bottom of a white piece of paper - glue on a lima bean. Then ask children to draw what they would like to grow from the bean. Some of my children drew dinosaurs, toys, houses, babies, and of course flowers. It is a great project to use the imagination!

Seed Jigglers
Plant seeds in small, clear Solo cups. Add Jell-O, in a thick mixture, like Jell-O Jigglers consistency. Push seed down into the Jell-O after it has hardened. The cup should be about half-way filled. Sunflower seeds work best. Once the seed has started to grow, take Jell-O and seed out of cup and plant into the ground. The seed need not be watered while growing in the cup. It draws its moisture from the Jell-O mixture. It is a fun way to watch a seed sprout and grow!

Colored Flowers
To explain and demonstrate how flowers need water place a white carnation in a vase with colored water (use a good amount of food coloring) after a day the flower will take on some of the color of the water! Very fun!!

The Hole I Dug
Make your own story of "What Shall I Put in the Hole That I Dig?" On the chalkboard I draw a hole in the ground and ask the children," What shall I put in the hole that I dig?" I give them an example the first time (i.e. rock, ball, house, etc.) "If I put a rock in the hole, will it grow into a rock tree?" After a number of silly ideas, lead the children to things that actually grow on trees (nuts, apples, etc.)

Dirt Cups
Dirt Mud (snack) Instant chocolate pudding with a gummy worm...Kids love it!

Planting Flowers
Sung to the tune of "Frere Jacques"
Planting flowers, Planting flowers, In the ground, In the ground, Water them and they grow, Water them and they grow, All around, All around.

I'm A Little Seed
Sung to the Tune of "I'm a Little Teapot"
I plant a little seed in the cold, cold ground. Out comes the yellow sun, big and round. Down come the raindrops soft and slow(ly) Up comes the flower grow, grow, grow! Action: pretend to plant in cupped hand round arms over head for sun raindrops with dancing fingers have right hand push through left hand and emerge as a flower with fingers spread wide!