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I have been a Christian Preschool Teacher for over 6 years now and I love it :) I just recently had to change schools when our church had to shut down due to financial matters.

Well lets go back to the beginning. I was a stay at home Mom of 3 small children. I had just finished up my externship to earn my Medical Back Office Assisting Certificate and was excited to start a new career. My children and I had been attending a small Bible Study at or church every week. The children loved staying with "Miss Dottie" while I had Bible Study. Other then church our family didn't get out much, so the children thrived on this weekly outing.

One day at my Bible Study we were asked to pray for our church Childcare/Preschool Center. The church had just made a painful decision to dismiss the director who had been there for 11 of the 24 years the childcare had been in existents. Not only was this a painful decision for the church, but the reality that most, if not all the staff would leave with their long time friend was a very real possibility.

The following week we were given an update and ask to pray for woman of faith to step into the positions that were being vacated. The Lord is good and most of the old staff stayed through Christmas break allowing for more time to secure staff to replaced the 30 or so positions that were given up. At that time the Childcare/Preschool was running about 550 children. The Lord had provided well over the years.

As you may have guessed by now the Mom's at the Bible Study were asked to considering working if at all possible. Well I must tell you although I have always wanted to be a Kindergarten teacher, I had no intention of working down at the childcare, (of which I had only seen when going to my children Sunday School class or helping out in our church Awana program!) How could I? I had 3 children of which 2 were very small and my days were so full. Being a new Christian, I had no ideal that I should even consider praying about what to do, until a friend said she would pray about it. So I thought that's what I should say I did.

You know God has a great sense of humor if you just listen. He told me (of all people, the mom who couldn't keep up with 3 children) to go down there and teach his word to the children! Be careful what you pray for you just might get it :) even when you think your praying for someone else!

Needless to say I took my 2 smaller children in on Monday the 16th of December 1994, 1 week after my son turned 3 years old, and was lead into each childs new room, were for the first time in their lives, I had to say goodbye for the day.

I was put into the infant/toddle room. What a job! These little guys sure kept us busy. Myself and the teacher in the room were both new, making it very difficult on the children. Bless their hearts :) I sure grew to love them over the next few weeks.

Now that I had gotten my feet wet..I loved it! My children were doing great, had made new friends and all. There was one teaching position that wasn't filled yet and I was thrilled to be asked to take on the 4 year old "Tiger" Class. Although I had never taught a classroom full of children (only Sunday School and Awana) I knew by now that God was with me and I couldn't fail unless he wanted me too.. So I took the class and became the new Tiger Teacher :)

Well that was over six years ago and I have found my calling. Thanks to my God, family, church and the many parents that believed in me..I have been able to share God's love in so many ways it is incredible..When I think I can't possibly do anything more he shows me I can..through him!

This past summer when my job came to an end, I thought that I had as well. I just could not image going out and finding another job so fulfilling as this one. I couldn't stay with the school that had bought the building as it was not a Christian school. How could I NOT talk about the God who had given me so much through a job years earlier? Besides he said, "Go and teach the children my word"! I stopped, knelt and listen and was given not only one, but two God loving churches to chose from (there goes his sense of humor again..he didn't do it all for me). I had a very prayful decision to make that was incredibly difficult, but though pray, family and friends I was able to make what I feel was the right decision. I am now the "Dragonfly" Teacher and next year will take on another preschool only class and be the "Caterpillar" Teacher as well.

You know I have grown in every imaginable way possible through listening to the Lord's voice. I tried something new because he ask me to. I give myself no credit, because without the Lord I would be nothing, but with the Lord I am everything to a lot of little ones.

I dedicate all of the pages on this site to the LORD, for without Him I would have no information to share with other Preschool Teachers. I pray that you will not only use these themes for your class, but remember the Lord as well. Tell your children about Him. Feed these little ones and help the seeds to grow through nurturing with God's words.. There are many different books out there that shares the love of God. If you don't work in a Christian school, you can still PRAY for your children and their parents..remember we are all called to be his disciples in one way or another.....How has he called you? Blessings, Sharon

Jesus said, "Let the children come to Me" Matthew 19:14

Hello, Well I'm almost at my 2 year mark at the new school the Lord sent me to and loving everyday :)~

I have been teaching my "New" class of Caterpillars for 7 months now and have experienced the joys and sheer exhaustion of having two classes several days a week. Although it is a great experience for the children and myself. The hardest part is packing up my daily lessons and supplies and moving them into another classroom. Ahh, but the Lord is working on that for me. I may be moving into the same room for both classes in the fall.

I would like to share a quick story with you. At Easter I only do the Resurrection Eggs (found on my Easter theme page) with the children. I feel they hear and learn enough about the Easter bunny, so I wait until after Easter to do all that "stuff" for "Spring" as not to upset the parents:) Well this year after telling the children the story of the Resurrection Eggs, one little boy went home and decided to find his own "Items" to fill the eggs with rather then waiting to get the items in class. He heard the story twice and was able to come up with several items that "matched" my own set of eggs. He was unable to find a cracker, nail, and rope at home so when he arrived in class with his eggs already "finished" to my surprise, I found in their place a cheetoe, push pin, and tread. Wow did he "get" the story of Easter though those eggs or what?

Another is a little boy in my other class, that tends to be on the "you tell me so I won't have to think" side. He went home and sat his mother down and preceded to tell her the entire Easter Story using his set of eggs he had made in class that day. His mother said he never missed a beat :)~ and after he was finished she noticed that there were indeed instructions included to "help" him out..No cheat sheet for this little guy :)~

Remember Jesus is "AWESOME" and he gives us many, many opportunities to plant a seed if we just listen :)
Blessings to all who read this, Sharon