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many of your "I AM SPECIAL" Theme needs!


I Am A Special Friend Board
Teacher makes circle for head. Children attaches to tongue depressors. Children decorate face to look like themselves by adding yarn for hair and coloring in face. Teacher write short phase on tongue depressor that completes the "I Am Special Because" phase on bulletin board.

Helping Hands Board
Make a chart that list the different responsibilities with which the children in the room assist you. Draw a picture depicting what job it is. Help each child trace their hand and cut it out. Write child's name on hand and use for chart.

This Is What I Look Like
The teacher precuts large paper dolls of girls and boys. About 15 inches. The children may personalities by coloring in hair and eyes and type of clothing they would like. Now have the children name the different parts of their bodies.

Tape Recordings
Interview each child. Be sure to ask questions that will get a response,such as "Would you rather eat ice cream or beans? Let the children enjoying hearing one another.

My Story
Have each child dictate a story to you about themselves. You may need to help by asking questions to guild them. Next have them draw a picture to go with the story.

Look At Me
Pass around a hand mirror and let each child look at themselves. Point out something special about each child, then let the children share why they are special. (BECAUSE JESUS LOVES THEM OF COURSE)!

The Wiggle Song
I wiggle my fingers. I wiggle my toes. I wiggle my shoulders. I wiggle my nose. Now no more wiggles are left in me. So I sit still as still can be!

Look in the mirror. Whom do you see? It's someone special. Look, it's me!