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Where you will find.....

many of your "Fall" Theme needs!

Leaf Rubbings

To help children notice the veins in leaves and the different shapes of leaves, let them place a variety of leaves (underside up) under a piece of light colored construction paper. Using the sides of crayons that have had the paper covering removed, children make crayon rubbing of the leaves.
Autumn Leaves

Cut construction paper into leaf frames. Place crayons in a plastic bag and let the children help pound them into little pieces with a hammer. Cut waxed paper into sheets. Plug in iron. Let the children place crayon pieces between two sheets of waxed paper. Then press over the papers with an iron to melt the crayons and waxed paper sheets together. Put leaf frames around the finished pictures and hang them in a window.
Nature Collage

Twigs, leaves, small pine cones, nuts... etc. glue onto tag board cut into wreath shape.
Leaf Necklace

Cut out many leaf cutouts using many fall colors. Have the child decorate with markers and crayons. Laminate the leaves!(optional), then punch a hole in the stems and give the child some string or yarn, and have them thread them on to make a Fall Leaf Necklace.
Fall Balancing

In the science center, have a balancing scale. The kids can "weighing" small gourds, pumpkins and ears of corn. Talk about which side has more and which side has less and why one side of the balance goes down and one side is up, etc
Indian Popcorn

Everyone has great craft ideas using Indian corn. But did you know that if you put the Indian corn cobs in a brown paper bag (lunch bag size) and place in the microwave (with a dish of water for moisture, so you don't burn the bag), microwave on high for 3-5 minutes and you have popcorn on the cob.
The Leafs On The Trees

Sung to: The Wheeels On The Bus
The leaves on the trees turn Orange and Red Orange and Red, Orange and Red, The leaves on the trees turn Orange and Red All around the town.

The leaves of the tree come tumbling down, Tumbling down, tumbling down, The leaves of the tree come tumbling down, All Around the town.

The leaves of the trees go "swish, swish, swish," "swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish," The leaves of the trees go "swish, swish, swish" All around the town.
Nut Hiding

Hide them throughout the room children pretend to be squirrels and gather the nuts fun by tasting the nuts that have been discovered.
Leaf Sorting

Take children outside to collect as many leaves as they can find. Go back to class and have children take turns putting the leaves into groups of small, medium and large leaves.
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