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many of your "Dr. Seuss" Theme needs!

Dr. Seuss Hat
Using paper bags and painting red and white strips on the bags you have a Dr Seuss hat. Now take the kids pictures and draw on a black nose and some whiskers on the kids faces.

Feet, Feet, Feet
Read "The Foot Book" Trace children feet on various colors of construction paper. Then "manipulate" the feet in a variety of ways: sort them by left and right feet, sort by size, sort by color, etc. Then use the feet by taping them to the floor for a fun trail to follow.

Feet Paintings
Read "The Foot Book" Paint children's feet and have them walk around on butcher paper.

Fishy, Fishy, Paintings
Read "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" to your class. Have the title of the book printed on a piece of white paper. Put this on a piece of construction paper. Next have the children color it blue. Paint one hand red and one hand blue and have them put their handprints on the paper (one red and one blue). Then have them add bubbles using an empty film canister and dipping it into the paint and pressing it on the paper near each fish a couple of times. When this is dry, the children can use markers to draw an eye and a mouth on each fish. This is a great way to reinforce colors and left and right.

Creative Creatures
After reading any Dr Seuss book with unusual creatures, give the children toilet paper tubes, pipe cleaners, felt, yarn, puff balls, googly eyes and other misc. items and have them create their own creature. After they're dry help the kids create their own story about them.

Birthday Treat
Eat blue goo and drink pink ink for Dr. Seuss birthday!! Read the classic "Fox in Sox" to your students. Then treat them to a wacky snack. Blue raspberry Jello jigglers and pink lemonade will work.

Balancing Cat
The Cat in the Hat does a lot of balancing. Select several items that can be stacked and have the children attempt to see how many they can balance, either on the floor or actually balancing on their hands.

Way To Go
After reading "Marvin K Mooney Will You Please Go Now". Play a game using the children's ideas of ways to "go". Line the children up. The leader decides on a "way to go" (hopping, hanging onto an elephants tail, on a bike, etc.). He/she leads the line acting out the chosen way and the class follows and joins in. Then switch leaders.

Dr. Seuss Goo
Make Oobleck for the story, "Bartholomew and the Oobleck." Mix 1/4 cup white glue with 1/4 cup water. Add a few drops green food coloring. In a separate container mix 2 cups warm water with 2 tablespoons borax. Stir until dissolved. Add 1/4 cup of the borax mixture to the glue mixture. Your oobleck will immediately form. This is so fun to play with. It bounces, stretches, and will pick up newsprint. Store in a plastic bag so it won't dry out.

Hat Collage
Photocopy pictures of a cat, one for each child. Give each child a blank piece of white paper to decorate for the hat. Add beads, feathers, lace, ect. This can be a cute bulletin board.

Karo Syrup Paintings
Take small cups of Karo Syrup add small drops of food coloring. Mix and have children paint on copies of Dr. Seuss color pages.

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