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many "Community Helper" Theme needs!

Fire Engine

Precut circular and rectangular shapes from construction paper. Have the children glue the precut shapes on to a piece of construction paper to resemble a fire truck. They may add yarn or string for the fire hose and use straws to make a ladder.

Mailing A Letter

Have each child draw a picture and then the teacher can write down what they would like to say in their letter. Now show children where address goes (help write if needed) on the envelope and then have child put on a stamp. Take children to mail the letters. Be sure to let parents or other adults know they need to respond. Let children go check mail each day to receive their very on mail.

Camp Fire

Using colors associated with fire (red, orange) squirt or draw thick lines on the paper and add a few drops of black paint. Press clear plastic wrap onto the paper and squeegee the paint around. Pull plastic off of the paper using a pulling action. (This will cause the paint to look like fire.) When paint is dry have the children glue two (logs) under fire to look like a campfire.

Nurse Collage

Make a Nurse collage. Use construction paper and cut out a medical bag shape. Have students glue items such as tongue depressors, cotton balls, gauze, cotton swabs, band-aids, etc. on their Bags.

Chefs Hat

For a baker or chef we make a hat by cutting a strip of white poster board, staple it to fit the size of each child's head. Then we take one sheet of white tissue paper and staple it to the top of the poster band and fluff up the tissue to look like a bakers hat. The children wear their bakers hat and we bake some cookies for our snack.

Police Badges

Have the kids make their own police badges. Trace a badge pattern on posterboard and then cover it with foil.

Doctor's Bag

Make the doctor bag using black construction. Add handle. Inside put Q-tips, Band-Aids, cotton balls, craft stick, pieces of gauze, and whatever else you can think of.

Mail Snack

To make a special delivery snack add cake decorating gel to a graham cracker. Make a small square (representing the stamp). In the middle write each child's name. Then place all the crackers on the table, and let each child try to find their "mail". It's a great activity for name recognition.

I'm a Firefighter

Sung to: I'm A Little Teapot
I'm a firefighter Dressed in red, With my fire hat On my head. I can drive the fire truck, Fight fires, too, And help to make things Safe for you.

Carpenters Song

Sung to: Mulberry Bush
This is the way we saw our wood, Saw our wood, saw our wood. This is the way we saw our wood, so early in the morning. Try these options: ~pound our nails~ ~drill a hole~ ~use a screwdriver~

911 Song

Sung to: 3 Blind Mice
9-1-1, 9-1-1, Help's on the way, help's on the way. If I need help, I know what to do, I can call the police and the firehouse, too, It makes me feel safe to know what to do. Dial 9-1-1.

The Vet Song

Sung to: Oh My Darling Clementine
I'm a vet, I'm a vet, I'm a veterinarian. I take care of the animals, And I treat them one by one. I give shots, I set legs, And sometimes I operate. I take care of the animals, 'Cause I think they are just great. Bring your dogs, bring you cats, Bring your hamsters one by one. I take care of the animals, I'm a veterinarian.

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This is the "cutest" background and I finally found who to give credit to..This belongs to Ruth @ A Child's Place! Thanks Ruth :)