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Where you will find.....
many of your "Apple" Theme needs!

Paint Apples
Put a large tree cut out of brown and green paper up on a wall. The children paint paper plates red and paste two green paper leaves on top. Tape the apples on the apple tree for display.

Apple Bullentin Board
A paper plate is covered with glue, the child may place small pieces of the red tissue paper on it. When the tissue paper has dried, trim along the edge of the paper plate. Use green construction paper to make a stem. You can make green pipe cleaners into small worms, either on the apples or coming out of the top of the apple. Children usually think the worm is very funny.

Apples for the Teacher
Make a bulletin board to welcome the children to school. In the center of the bulletin board place a brown construction paper tree truck and a large green top for the tree. Cut red paper apples for each child and place on tree. Write each child's name on an apple.Add their pictures to the apples.

Apple Tasting
Gather as many different varieties of apples that you can find. Cut small wedges of each apple. Take turns tasting each type. Have small copied apples for children to color their favorite apple. You can also make a graph to see which apple was the class "Favorite".

Apples Painting
Cut Apples in half length ways & width ways. Add fork and drip into paint. These make cool apple prints. I like to use red, yellow, and green for this project.

Find the Star
Cut an apple width ways to find the "special surprise". If you cut it correctly the children will find a star:)

The Apple Tree Song
Way up in the apple tree, Two little apples smiled at me. I shook that tree as hard as I could, Down they came. Ummmmmmm. were they good!

Simple Applesaue
Take several large peeled apples. Diced and put into blender with cinnamon and sugar to taste :)

Apple Books to Read
10 Apples on Top
Dinofours "It's Apple Picking Day!"